Willys Jeep vs Range Rover: how has off-road capability changed?

The reason it’s not the ideal Range Rover is because of the PHEV element. While that is enabling us to achieve fuel economy in the mid- to high 30s, the 38.2kWh battery sits low under the chassis, thereby reducing the ramp angle by 2.5deg and the ground clearance by 11mm from a regular Range Rover.

The aim of the day, then, is a simple one. To discover if luxury has blunted ability.

Off-road performance: Range Rover 

We start off with a seriously steep drop down into a quarry, where the challenge is not only the angle but also the surface, being a vicious mix of smooth stone and more grippy shale rock.

The four cameras on the Rangie immediately come in handy – although Gerry McGovern’s styling looks good on the King’s Road, it tapers away from the visible edges so the car is difficult to place.

range rover front down hill

Switch it to off-road mode (max height on the air suspension) and use the ClearSight Ground View mode (essentially a function that allows you to peer through the bonnet) and suddenly it’s clear what’s ahead. 

Select hill descent and low range, wind the maximum speed right back within the settings and let the car simply creep down the slope. This isn’t new or unique to Range Rover, but every time it never fails to amaze how damn easy it has all become. Even the change in surface halfway down doesn’t upset it.

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