Which snow foam lances are best?

Price £60.00

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Fits: Karcher K, Karcher HD, Nilfisk, Kranzler, Lavor

The BigBoi is the most expensive gun here, but you can see why. There are five settings on the nozzle head – cone, jet, horizontal fan, vertical fan and downward. We found the downward spray really helped to get good coverage on the roof of a high vehicle, and it was really easy to use – plus, it fits just about every variety of pressure washer provided you choose the correct fitting type when you buy it. The foam it delivers is satisfyingly fluffy and lasting, too, but you need to be a real car-cleaning fanatic to warrant the cost of this for the marginal benefits it offers over usefully cheaper alternatives.

What Car? Says 4 stars

Car Gods snow foam cannon

4 cargods

Fits: Karcher, Nilfisk, Mechpro

The Car Gods foam cannon is good, but it’s no better than some other cheaper alternatives when it came to the foam it created, and it offers the standard fan- to jet nozzle settings, too. There are no measurements marked on the narrow-necked bottle, which is annoying, so you have to measure your foam-to-water mixture out separately to get an accurate mix. Ultimately, the Car Gods gun produced a decent foam, feels solidly made and does the job, but it doesn’t have the clever quick-release advantage of the Autoglym lance, and basically doesn’t do anything that cheaper options don’t offer. 

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