Taxi maker LEVC reveals interior for eight-seat luxury MPV

LEVC, the maker of the London taxi, has revealed the interior design of its upcoming luxurious, eight-seat electric MPV, which is due to arrive in the UK within the next two years. 

The MPV is named the LEVC L380, which refers to the Airbus A380, the world’s largest airliner, and is the first vehicle based on the Geely-owned firm’s new Space-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Inside, the L380 features up to eight leather seats with Alcantara upholstery and chrome detailing, which the firm says is also inspired by “the world of luxury airline travel”. The seats can also fold flat so passengers can sleep on the move.

Each passenger has access to a large screen, positioned on the back of the seat in front. The armrests also feature tablets which presumably are used to control what information is displayed on the infotainment screens in front. 

levc l380 interior eight rear seats

Other features include a huge panoramic sunroof measuring 2.18m-sq, air vents which LEVC says are ‘Chinese Ruyi’ shaped and interior ambient lighting which can resemble a meteor shower.

There are several design cues taken from famous London landmarks, too. LEVC says icons including Tower Bridge and Big Ben can be seen around the cabin as part of the ambient lighting design, while the exterior wheel design is said to be influenced by the London Eye.

The L380 was already confirmed to go on sale in markets outside of China, where it has now entered production, the UK version will arrive by 2026.

levc l380 interior seat infotainment

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