Solana Meme Coin ‘Slothana’ To Airdrop Tokens, Launch On DEX In 13 Days

A new wave of memetic excitement is set to burst onto the Solana blockchain, with the esteemed Slothana token launching on DEXs in thirteen days.

It is currently in its closing presale stages, having raised a whopping $10 million in its first two weeks.

An unwavering market appetite derives from Slothana’s similarities to earlier Solana-based presale giants Book of Meme and Slerf.

Traders can buy $SLOTH from the project’s website or by sending SOL to its wallet address (linked on its website).

At presale, 1 SOL equates to 10,000 $SLOTH. However, this fixed price ends with the presale.

Slothana After Launch

Slothana’s relentless success at presale indicates a market conviction that the token will perform well once it launches on exchanges.

The project follows in the footsteps of Book of Meme and Slerf, which both made history after their respective presales.

Book of Meme started the trend, raising $2 million, and then became the fastest meme coin to reach a $1 billion market cap just two days after its IEO.

But the trend continued to prevail, with the Slerf ICO raising $10 million and then enjoying monumental success after launching on exchanges. Slerf even got featured in media juggernauts like Bloomberg and eclipsed Ethereum in on-chain trading volume.

And now it appears that Slothana is the next big Solana presale, overshadowing the total raises of BOME and SLERF.

There are also talks that Slothana will launch on centralized exchanges, which would open the token to even more investors, bolstering demand and enabling its price to rise further.

Yet, Slothana’s early success and promising future were seemingly engineered by a shrewd team of crypto devs and marketers. According to rumors, Slothana’s founders are an experienced team with a proven meme coin track record.

Is the Smog Team Behind Slothana?

Smog is another Solana-based sensation that launched in February. Within weeks, the project has claimed a $200 million market cap and netted early buyers a 100X ROI.

Whispers are circulating that the Smog team created Slothana. However, this is not just locker-room hearsay.

Beady-eyed degens spotted an undeniable connection between the two teams, with Smog commenting on Slothana’s first-ever X post. The comment occurred when Slothana had less than 50 followers and was essentially unknown to the market.

While the team remains anonymous, this connection illustrates they are at least aligned on some level.

Alongside speculation of a powerful team engineering its success, leading analysts have contributed to Slothana’s presale momentum.

In a recent YouTube video, Crypto Gains warned his subscribers that it is the “last chance to get in on Slothana” and speculated that it might 10X after its exchange launch.

Meanwhile, Matthew Perry told his 219K YouTube subscribers that Slothana “will 5x at launch.”

Factoring in Slothana’s presale success, the token looks primed for a successful IEO.

However, with just thirteen days left to buy the presale, market participants must be quick.

Stay updated on Slothana’s latest developments by following the project on X. Alternatively, visit its website to buy $SLOTH at presale.

Visit Slothana Presale

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