Smart #5 concept previews rapid-charging electric 4×4

The Smart #5 concept has been unveiled as a first look at the brand’s largest, most technologically advanced electric car to date.

Sized roughly in line with the Audi Q3 and Volvo XC40, the #5 introduces a new styling direction with a harder-edged, more rugged appearance than Smart’s two smaller crossovers, the #1 and #3. 

Key to the new look are the segmented LED lights, a clear departure from the Mercedes-Benz-style light bars on the #5’s siblings.

The off-road flavour of the #5 reinforces the more rugged look and signals a new commitment to the outdoor ‘lifestyle’ market that’s quickly growing in Smart part-owner Geely’s native China.

“With this vehicle, we leave all boundaries behind and open up a new segment for customers in Europe and worldwide,” said Smart CEO Dirk Adelmann.

The production version of the #5 is strongly tipped to share the SEA platform with its rangemates, as well as cars from elsewhere in the Geely portfolio, including the Polestar 4, Volvo EX30 and Zeekr X. 

Smart #5 concept – rear quarter

Unlike those cars, though, the #5 will use an 800V electrical architecture for much quicker charging speeds, and it has been confirmed to feature a battery with more than 100kWh in capacity, which will be among the largest of any EV of this size.

Smart claims a range of more than 340 miles between charges and that charge can be replenished from 10-80% in 15 minutes.

For reference, the #1 uses a 400V architecture, delivering a maximum charging rate of 150kW, allowing a 10-80% top-up in under 30 minutes. Range meanwhile is up to 273 miles.

Smart also confirmed that the #5 has four-wheel drive, suggesting that it uses two electric motors, one mounted on each axle.

No power figure has been given yet, but the other dual-motor Smart car, the #1 Brabus, gets a 154bhp motor up front and a larger 268bhp motor at the rear, combining for 422bhp and 400lb ft of torque. 

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