Shock MG Cyberster four-seat coupe tipped for sale in 2025

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He said it was important “not to make any kind of compromise” when designing the fixed-roof GTS, highlighting the retention of the Cyberster’s scissor doors as a particular highlight. 

He told Autocar that while the GTS is a wildly different proposition to MG’s volume-focused line of hatchbacks and SUVs, he expects the concept to still “talk to a big amount of people”, because “we have many rational things in our life, but we need some special moments”. 

Crucially, though, it has been designed with accessibility in mind: “We are not trying to make a super-sports car to satisfy a certain amount of people. We would like to open up, as MG always did, to a big audience”. 

In line with that more ethos, the GTS has been designed to be approachable and unthreatening – more as a grand tourer than a full-blown sports coupé. “There are many sports cars which are under too much tension,” explained Kaban. “They feel like they’re going to explode any second. 

mg cyberster gts and exe 181 preview edit 176

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