Prisco's NFL Draft 2024 grades for all 32 teams, including best and worst picks: Commanders receive only A+

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Immediate draft grades bring immediate distain from fans and others, but that’s what we do.

We service that anger that sits inside of you. So let it out because here are my 2024 immediate draft grades.

I call them immediate draft grades because you can’t really evaluate a draft for three years, which is something I do every year. My 2021 re-grade is coming in mid-May. But this is knee-jerk grading for this 2024 draft. It is immediate, which is probably unfair to the teams and those of us that do them.

I’ll take the heat — as I always do.

In my book, there were five teams that had really good drafts, the best of them all being the Washington Commanders, who received my only A+ grade. First-year general manager Adam Peters, who came over from San Francisco, nailed his first draft, starting with quarterback Jayden Daniels, who they took second overall. He will be a star. Peters kept going after that, loading up on good, talented players, many of whom I liked throughout the process. Yes, my film evaluation plays into the grades.

The other teams that received “A” grades were the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams. Kudos to those general managers and scouting staffs. 

So dive in, look around, get angry, seethe and then do one important thing: The draft truly can’t be graded for three years — so relax. On to the 2025 NFL Draft. 

Arizona Cardinals: A

Best Pick: Loved the pick of running back Trey Benson in the third round. That is the right area to take a back, and Benson was my top-rated back. He will give them a nice 1-2 combo with James Conner. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of tight end/H-back Tip Reiman in the third round. He’s a brute when it comes to blocking, so I get it, but if they needed a tight end I thought there were better options.

The Skinny: The Cardinals had a lot of ammunition with 12 picks and Monti Ossenfort used it well. I liked a lot of their picks, starting with receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., who is a much-needed, dynamic playmaker. They added a bunch of potential starters the rest of the way, giving this rising team a lot of talented players. They also added four defensive backs, which was a must. 

Best Pick: Fourth-round defensive tackle Brandon Dorlus from Oregon has a chance to be an early rotation player. He’s not huge at 6-3, 295, but he can push the pocket. He will be a steal in the Grady Jarrett mold. 

Worst Pick: It’s not that taking Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth overall pick was a bad move, but rather signing Kirk Cousins and then taking him was the bad move. If you liked him so much, don’t sign Cousins. 

The Skinny: This draft will be all about how the Falcons play out the Cousins-Penix dynamic. They had a chance to get a much-needed edge rusher if they didn’t take Penix. Trading up to get defensive tackle Ruke Orhorhoro in the second round was questionable as well. They did add some good players in third-round edge Bralen Trice and Dorlus. 

Best Pick: Fourth-round corner T.J. Tampa will prove to be really good pick. He can play the corner, but I also think he can move inside to safety. Versatility is huge in the Ravens defense. 

Worst Pick: Fourth-round wide receiver Devontez Walker can run, but he is inconsistent. If he can be more consistent and catch the ball better, he will be a steal. For now, it’s risky. 

The Skinny: The Ravens and general manager Eric DeCosta are usually among the best in the league when it comes to drafting. This was a solid draft as usual, filling a bunch of needs. First-round corner Nate Wiggins should be a long-term starter. He can cover, but needs to work on tackling. 

Best Pick: Third-round defensive tackle DeWayne Carter is a bit undersized, but he will be a good player. They need rotation guys inside and he will fill that role early in his career. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of safety Cole Bishop in the second round. I know it helps to fill a need, but there were better options on the board when he went. 

The Skinny: I like the way general manager Brandon Beane managed his picks, moving down in the first round to add more ammunition. They still ended up with a good haul for a team that needed an influx of players, starting with second-round receiver Keon Coleman, a bigger target that was needed. 

Best Pick: Fourth-round tight end Ja’Tavion Sanders from Texas has the skills to be a big-time pass catcher. He isn’t a blocking tight end, but even though he didn’t time well him the 40, he plays fast. 

Worst Pick: I like Jonathon Brooks as a player, but why take a running back in the second round with so many other needs? The thinking is to probably help Bryce Young, but they had other needs. 

The Skinny: They didn’t have a first-round pick — traded away in the Young deal — but they still ended up with one by trading up to land receiver Xavier Legette in the first round. They then moved around in the second and third to add extra picks, which I liked, and added good players like third-round linebacker Trevin Wallace and Sanders. Legette has to be Young’s go-to guy. 

Best Pick: Even though he wasn’t my top quarterback, getting Caleb Williams with the first overall pick could change the fate of this franchise. He has all the tools to be a star and could be their first true star passer since Sid Luckman. 

Worst Pick: They took a punter in the fourth round in Iowa’s Tory Taylor. Why? There are a million punters out there. Plus, that is a luxury pick for a team with only four picks. 

The Skinny: Getting Williams and receiver Rome Odunze (ninth overall) will give the Bears a lot of firepower on offense. If Williams can seamlessly step in and be a good starter right away, the Bears will push for a division title. It would have been tough to mess this draft up with the first and ninth picks in the first round, but I didn’t love what they did after that. 

Best Pick: Third-round defensive tackle McKinnley Jackson has run-stuff skills that can help on the inside of their defense. He has the size at 6-2, 325 to be a power player inside, but he has to be more consistent. 

Worst Pick: Third-round receiver Jermaine Burton from Alabama has the tools to be a big-time player. But there were reportedly some character questions about him. If he’s focused, he will be a good receiver. 

The Skinny: Duke Tobin has done a nice job drafting for the Bengals and this is a nice group — and could be a great one. The risk is first-round offensive tackle Amarius Mims, who has just eight starts in his career. He is a boom-or-bust player in my book. Taking Kris Jenkins and Jackson will help offset the loss of D.J. Reader in free agency. 

Best Pick: Fifth-round receiver Jamari Thrash is a good route runner who is a physical to give them a young weapon to add to their group. He will make the team. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love guard Zak Zinter, their third-round pick. He is also coming off a broken leg suffered last season. But the Browns do seem to know a thing or two about developing guards. 

The Skinny: They didn’t have a first-round pick — sent to the Texans for Deshaun Watson — so they had to wait until until the 22nd pick of the second round to make a pick. That pick was Michael Hall Jr., a defensive tackle from Ohio State. He’s a good player. The rest of the draft was just OK. 

Best Pick: Third-round offensive lineman Cooper Beebe can play anywhere on the line, although I think he will be an inside player for Dallas. Beebe played tackle at Kansas State. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of defensive lineman Marshawn Kneeland in the second. He’s a power end who plays hard, but I think they had better options. 

The Skinny: I thought the Cowboys had a solid draft. Trading down and adding an extra pick and taking tackle Tyler Guyton in the first was a hit. He will start as a rookie and has the tools to do so. They added some good football players the rest of the way, guys like Beebe and Wake Forest corner Caelen Carson (fifth). It wasn’t splashy, but it was solid. 

Best Pick: I love fourth-round receiver Troy Franklin. He is a player who will add speed to the offense and he’s joining former teammate Bo Nix, the Broncos’ first-round pick. I don’t know why he went in the fourth because he’s better than that. 

Worst Pick: It’s not that they drafted Nix with the 12th overall pick, but rather why not trade back and take him? Nix has talent and Sean Payton knows quarterbacks, but this one will be fun to watch. 

The Skinny: This draft will be defined by how well Nix plays. If Nix is starting for Payton in three years, it will be a great pick. Otherwise, Payton’s job could be tied to him. At least they got Franklin in the fourth. Fifth-round corner Kris Abrams-Draine from Missouri has talent. 

Best Pick: Fourth-round safety-running back Sione Vaki was the captain of my Better-Than team. He is a tough, physical player who can be a starting safety, but also a major contributor on special teams. He also has played running back.

Worst Pick: I won’t say it’s the worst pick, since I haven’t seen his tape, but taking Canadian player Giovanni Manu in the fourth round is certainly the riskiest. He is a massive man at 6-8, 350 pounds, but played against lower-level completion. 

The Skinny: They landed one of the best corners in the draft in the first round in Terrion Arnold, then came back and used a second-round pick on corner Ennis Rakestraw Jr. from Missouri. That’s good drafting, addressing need with two players who will be starters at some point — one this season. I love Vaki and sixth-round defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo has some good tape. 

Best Pick: Second-round linebacker Edgerrin Cooper will pay off in a big way. He can fly and will add a ton of speed on the second level for the Packers. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of Jordan Morgan in the first. I know they need line help, more for depth, but I am not a huge fan of Morgan’s game.

The Skinny: The Packers do a nice job with the draft, and this one will give them some players who could start as rookies. The Packers clearly drafted for need, landing Morgan, Cooper and second-round safety Javon Bullard. Running back MarShawn Lloyd will be a nice addition to the offense behind Josh Jacobs. Quarterback Michael Pratt in the seventh is a nice pick, even if he won’t play other than for injury. 

Houston Texans: C+

Best Pick: Third-round safety Calen Bullock is a rangy safety who will give them depth this season, but will eventually become a starter. He can run. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t like the pick of corner Kamari Lassiter in the second round. I think there were better options there when he went, guys like Mike Sainristil. He ran 4.64 at his pro day, which is not great for a corner. 

The Skinny: After having a great draft last year, I didn’t love this year’s version. They didn’t have a first-round pick — traded to Minnesota — and then they picked a tackle in Blake Fisher (who won’t start) and two secondary players who probably won’t start with their next two picks. Hard to doubt Nick Cesario after last year, but I will for this draft. 

Best Pick: I love the pick of receiver Adonai Mitchell in the second. He is a tall, fast receiver who will give them a nice addition to Michael Pittman and Josh Downs. 

Worst Pick: I like third-round offensive lineman Matt Goncalves from Pittsburgh, but he went a round or two too high. He will be a backup early in his career and might end up being a guard. 

The Skinny: I liked the Colts’ first four picks, but I would have taken Dallas Turner at No. 15 rather than Laiatu Latu, the pass rusher the Colts took. Latu does fill a need. Mitchell might end up being a steal. He is big and can run. The Colts had a good, solid haul. 

Best Pick: I love second-round defensive tackle Maason Smith from LSU. His skill set is impressive. A torn ACL in 2022 set him back, but he started to look like himself late last season. He can be dominant. 

Worst Pick: The knock is they didn’t address edge until the seventh round when they took Myles Cole from Texas Tech. They have depth issues there and that could show up if they have injuries to their starters.

The Skinny: I have been critical of Trent Baalke’s drafts in the past, but this was a good one. First-round receiver Brian Thomas Jr. gives them a game-changer on offense that they’ve lacked, while Smith can be a beast up front. Trading down and adding picks in this draft and next year’s draft was a smart move by Baalke. 

Kansas City Chiefs: A 

Best Pick: I picked two because they drafted two of my Better-Than team members in the fourth round. They took tight end Jared Wiley and safety Jaden Hicks to add depth at two positions early in their careers and then they will be starters in a few. 

Worst Pick: I heard they really liked tackle Kingsley Suamataia from BYU, but I wasn’t as high on him as others. He does fill a need and they didn’t have to take him until the second, even though it was rumored he could go in the first. 

The Skinny: The Chiefs had a good draft. They traded up to get receiver Xavier Worthy in the first, then did the same to take Suamataia in the second. Worthy will be a game changer for Patrick Mahomes. Taking two of my Better-Than team players makes this grade go up. 

Best Pick: Fourth-round corner Decamerion Richardson from Mississippi State is a long corner who can play man coverage and will compete for playing time right away. He’s a good corner and the Raiders need one to emerge. 

Worst Pick: I think tight end Brock Bowers is a good player, but why take him when you took Michael Mayer last year and he flashed big time late last season? They had other needs. This was a luxury pick. 

The Skinny: They didn’t get a chance to take one of the top quarterbacks since they were all gone, so they took Bowers. Like I said, good player, but needed other positions. Oregon center Jackson Powers-Johnson came in the second, and he is moving to guard. I didn’t love fourth-round tackle Delmar Glaze. 

Best Pick: Third-round linebacker Junior Colson reunites with college coach Jim Harbaugh and he will be a starter early in his career. He is a tough, physical player who can run and cover as well as play the run. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of Alabama defensive tackle Justin Eboigbe in the fourth round. They’ve had trouble stopping the run, and he’s good against the run, but that’s high for him in my book. 

The Skinny: They took tackle Joe Alt in the first round with the fifth overall pick, passing on taking a receiver to do so. Alt will play right tackle, which will be an adjustment for him. It’s a solid pick, rather than sexy. That’s the Harbaugh way. I think second-round receiver Ladd McConkey can start right away. 

Los Angeles Rams: A

Best Pick: I loved the pick of Washington State defensive end Brennan Jackson in the fifth. He will bring a relentless style that will keep him in the league for a long time. He is perfect for the Rams defense. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of running back Blake Corum in the third. They have a good back in Kyren Williams, who they got in the fifth round. They could have waited to take a back. 

The Skinny: They finally had a first-round pick after not having one since 2016 and used it on edge Jared Verse. He fills a need and will be a tough, edge player. They followed that up by trading up to take Florida State defensive tackle Brandon Fiske in the second. They gave up a lot to get him, so they must love him. Les Snead had another good draft. 

Best Pick: It was their first one, edge Chop Robinson. He didn’t have a lot of sack production, but he can get after the quarterback. He has an explosive first step and helps fill a need with their two top edge players coming off injury.

Worst Pick: In my view, they really didn’t have one. I liked every one of their picks, but they gave up a 2025 third-round pick to take running back Jaylen Wright. I know he’s fast, and we know they love speed, but that’s rich after taking De’Von Achane last year. 

The Skinny: Many will question their first two picks — tackle Patrick Paul was the second-round pick — but not me. I love Robinson and Paul was on my Better-Than team. He might not start right away, but Terron Armstead is up in the years and missed seven games last season. They added a bunch of other good players. 

Best Pick: The Vikings moved up in the first round to take pass rusher Dallas Turner. That was a good move. He will be a big-time rusher in Brian Flores’ scheme. Turner’s best pass-rushing days are ahead of him. 

Worst Pick: I get the whole idea of finding a quarterback, and landing J.J. McCarthy where they did makes sense, but I don’t love his game. He just shot up boards after the season, and I never saw it. I thought he would be a late first-round pick. 

The Skinny: Like all the teams that took quarterbacks, their drafts will be defined by how well they play. That’s the Vikings with McCarthy. Even if Turner becomes a true star, which I think he will, this draft is about McCarthy. Period. They also traded a lot of future picks to get McCarthy and Turner, so they better be stars. 

New England Patriots: B- 

Best Pick: Fourth-round receiver Javon Baker will help the passing game right away. He is already squawking about teams passing on him. I love that attitude — and he plays with it, too. 

Worst Pick: Third-round tackle Caedan Wallace from Penn State started for four years, but he was drafted a bit too high. Some teams think he might have to go inside to guard. 

The Skinny: It doesn’t matter what else the Patriots do in the draft, this one will be defined by taking North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye with the third overall pick. If he’s a star, this draft will be special. If not, it won’t be. I like his game, but it might take time. The cast around him isn’t great. 

New Orleans Saints: B+

Best Pick: Fifth-round receiver Bub Means is a long receiver who can run. With a little polish in terms of his route running, Means can become a nice addition to their offense when it comes to the deep ball. 

Worst Pick: I actually liked all their picks. I think they had a good draft. If I had to pick one to question it would be corner Kool-Aid McKinstry in the second round since he’s coming off a foot injury. 

The Skinny: They addressed major problems with their first two picks, taking tackle Taliese Fuaga in the first round and then McKinstry in the second. Fuaga will be a plug-and-play starter, while McKinstry could start. Means and fifth-round quarterback Spencer Rattler are nice value picks. 

New York Giants: B-

Best Pick: It was their first one, receiver Malik Nabers. Some will say they should have taken quarterback J.J. McCarthy in that spot, but I like taking the best receiver in the draft. Nabers will be special. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of safety Tyler Nubin in the second. I think there were better safeties available when they took Nubin. 

The Skinny: The Giants made the decision to pass on a quarterback to take Nabers. They supposedly tried to move up to get Drake Maye, but when they didn’t they passed on McCarthy to take Nabers. Smart move. The rest of the draft was just OK in my book, but keep an eye on fourth-round tight end Theo Johnson.  

New York Jets: B-

Best Pick: Third-round receiver Malachi Corley will come in and immediately help the passing game. He is a strong player after the catch. Aaron Rodgers had to be happy with that pick. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t like using the fourth-round pick on running back Braelon Allen. They have Breece Hall and could have used it on maybe a tight end or an offensive lineman. They also took a back later in the draft. 

The Skinny: By taking tackle Olu Fashanu, the Jets did the right thing. But it sure didn’t look like an all-in move for Rodgers since Fashanu is going to likely sit for a year. Corley will be a nice pick, but this wasn’t a great draft for immediate help. 

Philadelphia Eagles: B+

Best Pick: Rather than panicking and trading up, they stayed put and landed the top cover corner in the draft in Quinyon Mitchell in the first round. It was a gamble that paid off. 

Worst Pick: Third-round edge Jalyx Hunt has some explosive ability, but he probably went a little higher than I would have taken him. He will take some time. But the Eagles clearly know he is a developmental player. 

The Skinny: General manager Howie Roseman usually likes to trade up on draft night, but he refrained from that in the first round and it worked by landing Mitchell. He did trade up in the second to land corner-safety Cooper DeJean. In fact, he made eight trades enhancing his reputation as the trader GM. The best thing is a team problem in coverage last year likely got fixed with the first two picks. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: A

Best Pick: I love the pick of third-round linebacker Payton Wilson. He might have some medical issues, but the Steelers fans will come to love him and his style of play. He will start early. 

Worst Pick: Taking center Zach Frazier in the second round is a need pick, but I wasn’t as high on him as some others. But who am I to question the Steelers when it comes to the center position?

The Skinny: They took a lot of quality players, including three offensive linemen in their first five picks. It started with tackle Troy Fautanu in the first and then got Frazier in the second and guard Mason McCormick in the fourth. Wilson and third-round receiver Roman Wilson will play early. 

San Francisco 49ers: C+

Best Pick: Second-round corner Renardo Green fills a need and might be able to be their corner right away. Green had just one pick in college, but he is a playmaker and would fit in their scheme. 

Worst Pick: First-round receiver Ricky Pearsall will be a good player, but I don’t think he will ever be a star. There were better receivers left when they took him late in the first round. 

The Skinny: The 49ers clearly are drafting for the future with Pearsall in the first — or readying to trade one of their starters, either Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel. Third-round offensive lineman Dominick Puni could develop into a starter — probably at guard. Green will be good value, while fourth-round receiver Jacob Cowing could be a sleeper. 

Seattle Seahawks: C+

Best Pick: It was their first pick, defensive tackle Byron Murphy. He has the tools to be a dominant inside player. He will be a lot like Baltimore’s Justin Madubuike for Seattle. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of tight end AJ Barner in the fourth. There were better options on the board at that spot in my mind, including Jared Wiley, who was taken 10 picks later by the Chiefs. Barner can block, but Wiley can catch. 

The Skinny: Murphy will be a star, which will make this draft a hit down the road. But the rest of it was just OK for me. I do like third-round guard Christian Haynes, who fills a need. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: B+

Best Pick: Third-round receiver Jalen McMillan will prove to be a major steal. He was Washington’s leading receiver in 2022, with more catches than Rome Odunze, who went ninth in this draft. McMillan will become a good slot receiver. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of Chris Braswell in the second. I know they need pass-rush help, but this was a little high for Braswell in my book. 

The Skinny: They did a nice job landing good players and also filling needs. It started with first-round guard-center Graham Barton, who will likely be the starting center. Braswell was picked for need and will be a rotation player early. I do like McMillan and fifth-round running back Bucky Irving. 

Tennessee Titans: B

Best Pick: Fifth-round corner Jarvis Brownlee Jr. will be a nickel starter at some point in his career. Brownlee is a smallish corner, but he can cover.

Worst Pick: T’Vondre Sweat is a risky pick, especially in the second round. He had a DUI earlier in the draft cycle and his weight was a problem at Texas. He needs to get in better shape or this will be a pick that backfires on them. He does have talent. 

The Skinny: Getting tackle JC Latham in the first round will pay off in a big way. He will be their starting left tackle for a long time. The Swift pick is feast or famine. Brownlee will prove to be a steal and sixth-round receiver Jha’Quan Jackson can fly and will help the return game. 

Washington Commanders: A+

Best Pick: It was their first one, quarterback Jayden Daniels. I think he will be the best quarterback from this draft. They locked up a franchise passer with pick No. 2. He will be dynamic. 

Worst Pick: I didn’t love the pick of third-round receiver Luke McCaffrey, although he has talent and is improving. I think there were better options on the board — like Troy Franklin — when the pick was made. 

The Skinny: In his first year running the draft, general manager Adam Peters killed it. It started by taking Daniels with the second overall pick, but continued throughout the process. This is a team moving in the right direction. I liked all their second-round picks in defensive tackle Johnny Newton, corner Mike Sainristil and tight end Ben Sinnott. They drafted a lot of talented football players. 

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