Hyundai Inster is a 217-mile EV city car priced from £22,000

The Inster also gets Hyundai’s full suite of driver assistance technologies, including a 360deg parking camera and adaptive cruise control. Additionally, it receives the brand’s novel blindspot monitoring system, which projects a camera image of your rear quarter view onto the instrument panel as you indicate.

Deliveries of the Inster will start by spring next year and prices are set to start at around £22,000. Specifications for the UK market have yet to be finalised, but Autocar understands it is possible that only the longer-range car will be offered here.

“We believe we will start electrification not only for the early adopters but for the mass market,” said Paolo Gnerro, product planning manager for Hyundai Motor Europe. Gnerro explained that the company is targeting two new types of customers with the Inster: “very young”, potentially buying their first new cars; and “empty-nesters – families with kids already [moved out of] home, mainly in their 50s” – who want a second car for running errands.

Hyundai Inster interior - seats folded

He added that he believes the Inster will operate outside the traditional size-bound segments, pointing to changing customer behaviours with EVs. Gnerro said: “They were not saying this is a 3.8m car; it’s A-segment. They were segmenting the cars depending on the range, no matter the size of the car. For them, a 350km [217-mile] range car is comparable to another 350km car, no matter what the size is.”

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