Honda Prelude returns to UK as hybrid sports coupe

It remains to be seen, though, if Honda will ramp up the output for the more overtly sporting Prelude. The new coupé is expected to use largely the same chassis as the Civic, with a lightweight aluminium subframe together with a wide rear track and double-wishbone front suspension.

honda prelude badge

Yamagami said the development of the Prelude focused on it being “built around the driver” and particular attention was paid to not only its controllability and drivability but also the “emotional aspect of the engine”.

He highlighted the engine’s sound and vibration as examples of that. “It’s the linearity, the progressivity, all these kinds of aspects which have an impact on your sensation,” he said. “This is something that we wanted to really express within the application of the hardware, but also in the settings.” He also made it clear, though, that the Prelude is “not simply a car to be used on a circuit.”

Yamagami envisions the new coupé appealing particularly to drivers who are younger than Honda’s core demographic and the striking exterior design is said to be key to its appeal. Yamagami cited the clean, aero-honed surfaces of gliders as a main influence.

He said: “It’s a very mature design. There are not so many different lines and angles and surface textures, but it’s a very round and balanced exterior.”

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