Halliday Launches Commerce Network Backed by a16z and #Hashed

[PRESS RELEASE – San Francisco, CA, July 8th, 2024]

Halliday, the commerce automation network for modular chains, announces the public launch of its network. Backed by major investors, such as Hashed and Andreessen Horowitz, with over 26 partners already, the platform aims to bring its technology to a wide swath of companies and commerce applications.

Halliday’s network addresses the fragmented user experience and technological gaps currently hindering blockchain-based payments, simplifying digital commerce across blockchain ecosystems and helping to bring the technology mainstream.

“Current blockchain commerce solutions lack user-friendly interfaces and present integration challenges for developers,” said Griffin Dunaif, CEO of Halliday. “We are building a platform to make commerce easy, empowering users to spend and transact across multiple chains and protocols. This enables mainstream adoption and grows the economic activity of the ecosystem”

Digital commerce on blockchains faces challenges due to complex user interfaces and integration hurdles between Web2 and Web3 environments. Halliday’s network introduces a Proof-of-Stake protocol designed to automate tasks across blockchain networks and provide a unified interface for transactions and managing digital assets, regardless of the underlying technical differences between chains.

“We’re excited to support Halliday’s launch, bringing its innovative approach to simplifying blockchain-based transactions and enhancing user experiences,” stated Ryan Kim, Co-founder and Partner at Hashed. “Halliday can drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in commerce applications, aligning with our vision for the future of digital commerce.”

The Halliday ecosystem invites developers to participate in a permissionless network where they can build, bid for tasks, and earn rewards, a collaborative approach to enhancing the accessibility and usability of blockchain-powered commerce.

Halliday’s network promises simplified processes for onboarding users to new modular chains, purchasing NFTs across multiple chains, and engaging in complex financial transactions. Integrated solutions for payment processing and cross-chain compatibility further enhance its appeal to developers and users.

About Halliday

Halliday is building the Commerce Automation Network to enable any developer to connect their modular chain to commerce. Halliday saves you thousands of engineering hours with a unified interface and architecture and grows your volume by empowering users to spend, manage, and transact with ease.

About Hashed

Hashed is a team of blockchain experts and builders based in Seoul, Singapore, Bengaluru, and the Silicon Valley. We believe that decentralization can transform not only the global economy but the very fabric of the internet. Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain by investing our resources and empowering a new wave of entrepreneurs and innovators to create this future. We participate as core technical contributors to global infrastructure, and we’ve built a network of projects and people that connect industry pioneers with the knowledge and resources necessary to unlock the potential of blockchain.

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