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Spring is here! It’s time for flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Use these flower printables for everything from writing paper to graph icons to bulletin board decorations. This free flower template bundle includes plenty of flowers in different sizes and colors to use in the classroom.

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Large Flower Templates

large black and white flower on white background flower template
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Create a Flower Diagram

Have students research the parts of a flower and use these templates for them to color and label each part (stem, petal, etc.). These flower templates are large enough for students to add lots of details to their project.

orange tulip with green stem flower printable
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Create Flower Floor Mats

Print, cut, and laminate these large flowers to use as floor mats. You can put floor mats down to show students where to sit or stand, or write numbers or letters on them for games. For example, write numbers 1 to 10 on 10 flowers, put them in numerical order on the floor, and have students play counting hopscotch during math centers.

Flower Template With Writing Lines

flower with writing lines flower template
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Flower-Inspired Writing

Have students write a story, informational text, or song using the flower templates as their paper. When students have finished their writing, cut out the pages, add a colored template, and staple them together to create a flower book.

Here are some flower writing prompts for inspiration:

  • Write a song or story about the flowers in your life.
  • Write a story where a flower is a main character or plays a big part in the story.
  • Write a story about a garden.
  • Imagine that one day you woke up and were a plant. What happens next?
  • Imagine that scientists find one remaining flower after an ice age.
  • Imagine that a plant can talk. Tell a story where the plant has a lot to say.
  • Write about a flower that fascinates you.
  • Imagine that you discover a new flower. What is it like?
two flowers with writing lines
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Pen a Poem

Use the flower images to inspire students to write spring poems. Students can use the lines like regular writing paper, or they can use the shape to inspire their poetry. Here are 47 spring poems to inspire budding poets.

Medium Flower Template

two flowers on a flower template
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Flower Bouquet

Print, cut, and color the black-and-white flowers to create a bouquet for students to give with a thank-you card to someone they appreciate. They can give their bouquet to a parent, favorite teacher, or another staff member. (School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is in April, and School Lunch Hero Day and National School Nurse Day are both in May.)  

You Are a Budding …

Print and cut the flowers. Have students write one thing that a peer is getting good at (“You are a budding artist.” “You are a budding writer.”). First, create a bulletin board of all the things they are getting good at, and then send each student home with their flowers of affirmation.

three orange tulips
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Flower Bulletin Board

Update your bulletin boards for the season. These flower pages are the perfect size for bulletin board decorations and borders.

For more ideas, check out 30 spring bulletin boards to brighten your classroom.

Small Flower Template

six black and white flowers on a printable flower template
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Flower Matching

Print and cut these flowers, then create matching flower cards by writing two parts of a pair on each flower. Mix the flowers up and have students create matches for skill practice. Some matches students can practice:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Letters and pictures
  • CVC words and pictures
  • Numbers and amounts
  • Math fact problems and solutions

Flower Hunt

Print and cut flowers. Write a letter or number on each flower. Then, hide the flowers around your classroom or the playground. Students search for the flowers. To make it a collaborative activity, have students work together to find the alphabet in ABC order or the numbers in numerical order.

six pink and yellow flowers
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Flower Graphing

Print, cut, and laminate small flowers to use in spring graphing activities. Work with students to create graphs of everything from how many types of flowers they see while on a walk to their favorite spring activities. Decide what each flower represents (three flowers, one person) and get graphing!

Flower Printable With Different Sizes

black and white flowers in different sizes
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Flower Crown

This activity is pure fun! Have students color or paint the flowers, then cut them out and paste them to a paper headband (a paper strip that goes all the way around their head) to make an adorable spring headband.

multi-sized flower template
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Flower Symmetry

Use these flowers to teach about symmetry. Either have students create symmetrical flowers using the black-and-white template or print and cut the colored template into symmetrical pieces. Have students find the symmetrical pieces that match. Then, show students how real flowers are also symmetrical.

flower bundle template examples of printables with flowers on them
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