Esrawe Studio and Cadena Concept Design transform a mechanic shop into urban oasis Xinú Marsella

Steps away from the vibrant streets in Mexico City’s historic Juárez neighborhood is a serene garden, centered around a circular wooden pavilion. Here, a former car mechanic shop was converted into an urban oasis for Xinú Marsella. The revamp project by Esrawe Studio and Cadena Concept Design is both an outdoor space for the community and a perfume store.

After entering through a tunnel of rich vegetation with landscaping courtesy of Arturo Flores, customers follow a discrete stone path within the dense garden leading to the circular 2,548-square-foot (236-square-meter) store. The once vacant lot is now overflowing with greenery as it allows customers to feel as though they have been transported from the city into a secluded, private retreat.

Nature plays as a backdrop to the store’s interior as the design team enveloped the wood structure with glass to allow the outside in. Acting as an exoskeleton, the glass attaches to bare wooden pillars, which dual as display shelves for the aromatic products. In a project description, Esrawe Studio shared that the store is, “a green oasis in the city immersing customers and visitors in an experience like no other, where the boundaries between public space, retail, and the lush access blur seamlessly.”


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