Electric Renault Clio due as family-friendly 5 sibling

Ultimately, sources suggest, offering an electric Clio alongside the 5 is more about providing customers with greater choice than filling every gap in the line-up.

In any case, Renault bosses do not see the 5 as a replacement for the Clio. Indeed, product performance boss Bruno Vanel has previously told Autocar that “Clio is a brand in itself”, hinting at the importance of retaining the well-known name for another generation.

Renault Clio front quarter tracking

Renault is committed to keeping costs down for its small electric cars, so any electric Clio would no doubt command just a small premium over the 5, which is being launched next year at around £25,000. A starting price of just under £30,000 would neatly fill the gap between the 5 and the Mégane, which is currently available from £34,995.

However, Renault engineering boss Gilles Le Borgne suggested offering an electric Clio is not an immediate priority for the new-generation car’s launch in 2026 because, in theory, “you can have a whole life of ICE, hybrid Clio before the ICE ban” in 2035.

Nonetheless, he remains a vocal proponent of offering ‘multi-energy’ powertrain options on the same platform, so long as it is affordable – and profitable – to do so.

“It’s like religion. We always fight over multi-energy. Perhaps you know my background,” said Le Borgne, referring to a 30-year tenure at the PSA Group, during which he oversaw the development of electrified powertrains for Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Vauxhall-Opel. “I was the one fighting for multi-energy on the other side of the river – and I have no religion.

“I’m very practical. When I can use multi-energy, I do.”

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