Electric Ford Capri is saloon-SUV with sports car pace

Beyond its sloping roofline, though, the Capri is further differentiated from the Explorer by a bespoke front end, with distinctive LED headlights that nod to the Mk3 Capri and a wraparound contrasting ‘grille’, with a similar treatment for the rear lending an element of retro appeal.

Thomas Morel, who led the exterior design of the Capri, said: “It’s not every day that you have the chance to redesign an icon. We wanted to bring this spice into the next generation.”

2024 ford capri cabin

It has been designed, Ford said, to “continue the story of the iconic cult classic”, with a “rebellious” spirit that’s emphasised by vibrant paint colours, including Vivid Yellow and Blue My Mind.

The cockpit is much more familiar from the Explorer, with a 14.6in central touchscreen that slides backwards to reveal a ‘secret’ storage cubby, the 17-litre ‘megaconsole’ between the front seats and a foldable boot floor that liberates up to 527 litres of storage space.

One-piece sports seats and the squared-off steering wheel, meanwhile, nod to its more overt performance billing. “Inside, I think this is exactly how an original Capri driver would have expected the future to feel,” said Leenarts.

Ford has not yet revealed UK pricing for the Capri, but it is expected to command a small premium over the Explorer, with a start price of around £47,000, when it launches in the coming months. 

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