Delayed Maserati Quattroporte set to swap to Granturismo platform

“It’s Giorgio-inspired. Internally, we call it Giorgio Sport because this is 60% aluminium, whereas Giorgio was only steel.”

Danesin also reiterated that the Quattroporte’s performance was insufficient in its previous form, highlighting problems with weight and range.

He told Autocar: “The Quattroporte is an important problem for Maserati. It has to be outstanding from any perspective: style, architecture, performance. There’s also a lot of improvement coming in on electrical development in the future. The new target for range also needs to be much stronger. These days, [373 miles] is good enough. Maybe for a new Quattroporte, we would like more.”

Maserati Granturismo Folgore front tracking

In addition to range, the other key factor in the decision to postpone the Quattroporte was weight. “Modern electric cars are becoming heavier and heavier, and we need to stop this tendency,” said Danesin.

He added: “Putting together all this stuff, we decided that we [would need] some more time to optimise the package, and this is why we decided to postpone it.”

The postponement of the Quattroporte means Maserati’s next electric car will be the MC20 Folgore, arriving in 2025. It will be followed by a large luxury SUV in 2027, understood to replace the ageing Levante.

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