Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes says Tom Brady comparisons are 'tough:' He'll always have Super Bowl win 'on my head'


Patrick Mahomes hears the Tom Brady comparisons, but the Kansas City Chiefs MVP has a hard time putting himself ahead of who many consider is the greatest quarterback who’s ever lived. 

Mahomes’ reasoning behind his reluctance is simple, and it goes back to what happened when the two faced each other in the big game three years ago. Brady threw three touchdowns in what was his seventh and final Super Bowl win. Mahomes ran for his life most of the night and was on the losing end of a 31-9 score against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

“To me, it’s always going to be tough because Brady beat me in a Super Bowl,” Mahomes told NFL Media shortly after winning Super Bowl LVIII. “That’s the one thing he’ll always have on my head. It gives me something to strive for every single day is chasing greatness. Whenever I’m tired and I don’t want to work out, I know I have to do it in order to be in moments like this.” 

The funny thing is that, even though Mahomes was on the losing side in Super Bowl LV, that game did nothing to hurt his legacy. If anything, Mahomes’ sheer will in that game may have elevated his status as an all-time great. Playing in front of a battered offensive line, Mahomes oftentimes looked like Fran Tarkenton as he desperately tried to make something happen. While he more often than not came up empty, his efforts was nonetheless jaw-dropping. 

It was the opposite situation on Sunday night, though. While the San Francisco 49ers’ defense had the upper hand early, they couldn’t stop Mahomes when it mattered most. Not only did Mahomes make plays with his arm, he also did so with his legs that included two huge runs in overtime that helped set up his game-winning touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman. 

As far as the Brady debate goes, there’s no denying that Mahomes as he earned a seat at the table as far as all-time great quarterbacks are concerned. He’s just one of three quarterbacks (Brady and Joe Montana being the other two) to have at least three Super Bowl MVPs. Those three also are the only players in history to own multiple league and Super Bowl MVPs. 

Regardless of who you think is the better quarterback, it can’t be argued that Brady has raised the bar for excellence that Mahomes is currently trying to reach.  

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