99Bitcoins Token Raises Over $850K for Play-to-Earn Project, One Day Until Price Increases

As the crypto market gears for another leg up, the new 99Bitcoins token has surpassed over $850K in its presale, fueled by excitement for the project’s new Learn-to-Earn platform.

The 99Bitcoins token presale remains ongoing. Its price will incrementally increase throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in one day.

99Bitcoins is a leading crypto media outfit, delivering high-quality news and crypto-related content across a variety of mediums. Its new token has caused a stir as it seeks to expand the industry’s collective knowledge base by rewarding users to learn about crypto.

Incentivized learning might be the future of education

Crypto is famously known for disrupting mega industries like finance, AI, gaming, and, more recently, science and physical infrastructure. However, 99Bitcoins’ new Learn-to-Earn platform provides a new outlook to the $10 trillion education industry.

While 99Bitcoins’ new model focuses on crypto, its revolutionary outlook could well be adopted for other intents of education if all goes well.

The project invites users to embark on modularized self-learning, where they are rewarded with XP points for completing courses, quizzes, and tutorials. As learners earn more points, they rise further up the platform’s leaderboard, which provides them with more crypto rewards.

Indeed, the new Learn-to-Earn platform is bound to turn heads among savvy market participants and industry newcomers looking to bolster their knowledge. However, 99Bitcoins’ genius lies in $99BTC demand-side dynamics.

Staking and utilities

$99BTC is at the center of the Learn-to-Earn platform. Alongside it being used for rewards, learners require $99BTC to access the new educational layer, aligning the token demand with the platform’s success.

But the team aims to supercharge $99BTC’s buy pressure with a slew of exciting utilities and benefits. These include crypto trading signals, BRC20 tools and education, and a VIP community group.

In addition, holders can generate passive rewards by depositing their tokens in the platform’s staking mechanism. Staking is already live and offers a 2,000% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

According to the 99Bitcoins token website, the Bitcoin halving might also positively impact $99BTC holders.

The website states that the halving’s positive impact on Bitcoin’s price might drive newcomers to the industry, bolstering demand for the 99Bitcoins Learn-to-Earn platform and the $9BBTC token.

Analysts on 99Bitcoins Token

It’s not only investors who have taken note of the 99Bitcoins token presale. Leading analysts have also gotten on board.

In a recent video, renowned low-cap gem hunter Jacob Bury hailed 99Bitcoins as a “New 10x potential crypto presale”, with Michael Wrubel also bullish on the project.

99Bitcoins is a prestigious crypto news network established in 2013. It boasts a broad audience with over 700K YouTube and 2.8 million email subscribers.

Its new token applies the model of “Play-to-Earn” and “Move-to-Earn” cryptocurrencies to education, rewarding users to learn about the blockchain industry.

The current 99Bitcoins token presale price is $0.00102, but this will rise throughout the campaign, so those seeking the most upside potential should not wait around.

Join the 99Bitcoins Telegram or follow the 99Bitcoins X to keep updated with the latest news and developments. Alternatively, visit its presale site to buy and stake tokens.

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